Lunenburg Shipyard’s Administration Assistant

Purpose of Position: To perform clerical duties and be the point of contact for Lunenburg Shipyard and customers. To assist the Shipyard Manager and employees as required.

Directly responsible to the Shipyard Manager

Over all, we expect our employees to be courteous and respectful of customers and working peers. We expect our employees to be safe in their working environment and wear appropriate attire at all times. Whenever an employee is wearing a garment with a LIFE™ brand, whether it is during working hours or off working hours, we expect them to behave with the utmost integrity and as if they are working on site during working hours. Furthermore, we expect our employees to respect company lines of communication, read the safety manual and take the initiative.

Primary duties

· Assistant to the Shipyard Manager and employees

· Use SYSPRO to create work orders (shop orders) in collaboration with Managers and Foremen

· Post work orders (shop orders) to their appropriate location

· Receive customers in a courteous manner in person, by email or by phone

· Receive communications via phone, email or otherwise and take appropriate messages

· Receive and keep record of goods for the Lunenburg Shipyard stock room and make sure they are appropriately accounted for in the SYSPRO inventory

· Prepare and file documents, binders and communications in a logical and consistent way or as directed by the Shipyard Manager

· Assist with the ISO 9001:2008 documentation

· Maintain a relative clean working environment and a tidy desk

Secondary Duties

· Assist LIFE™ Management in communication and on specific projects

· Update job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities

· Shipping and receiving

· Maintaining records for customer property logs

· Maintain visitor log book


· Personable and professional

· Skills and knowledge in accounting to CPA standards is an asset

· Organization and thoroughness

· Communication skills in writing and verbal

· Computer based skills, specifically: Word, Excel

· Knowledge on how to use account software, like SYSPRO, is an asset

Safety – You are required to participate and comply with all company safety rules and safe work practices as outlined in the company’s safety policy. This includes conducting regular hazard assessments when starting new assignments and when work site conditions dictate.

Personal Protective Equipment - You are required to wear Personal Protective Equipment that is approved and required for your particular work assignment. Check with your supervisor or safety representative if you are unsure about required PPE.

ISO Procedures – You are required to participate and comply with all ISO 9001:2008 procedures and documentation as they relate to your position and work assignment.

Customer Relations - You will from time to time have personal contact with the company’s customers. Customers are the most important part of our business. Treat each customer courteously and with respect. It is very important that the directions and opinions of customers are passed on to your supervisor or the company’s management when appropriate.