LIFE Company


The Lunenburg Industrial Foundry & Engineering (LIFE™), in a nutshell, is a Marine Industrial Service, Manufacturing & Engineering company based in Lunenburg, NS, Canada. Since its founding in 1891, the company has been providing quality products and services to the marine, commercial, industrial & retail markets throughout Atlantic Canada and beyond. Over a century of service in these sectors has proven that we are an adaptable business focused on our customers. Those who have dealt with us in the past refer to us simply as “The Foundry”.


Our Company

The modern company can be viewed as three distinct but overlapping parts. They each have a niche in the industry and they work together as a single company to share resouces and gain advantages in their desired markets.  

  • Lunenburg Shipyard: LIFE™ operates a full service shipyard, known as the Lunenburg Shipyard, at the mouth of Lunenburg Harbour. The shipyard services vessels up to 60m (200ft) long and up to 1600tons. The shipyard also has a very active boatyard for vessels up to 75tons.
  • Luneburg Foundry and Manufacturing: LIFE™ also operates a foundry and manufacturing facility that designs and produces custom products for both the marine industry and domestic sectors. The manufacturing facility specializes in underwater gear and propulsion equipment. 
  • LIFE™ Professional Services: Furthermore, LIFE™ is also an engineering firm offering mechanical engineering services as well as metallurgical and architectural services to the maritime community.

Our Vision - “Count on LIFE"

We want to be chosen by our customers as a global supplier of standard and custom marine products & services and for our reputation of responsiveness and dependability.

Our Mission - “Progress with Stability”

Our Mission is to continuously improve and provide our products and services in a safe, efficient and courteous manner consistent with good craftsmanship, professionalism and upholding the reputation and integrity of Lunenburg Foundry.

Our Goals - “Work Hard and Do it Right”

  • We strive to make a reasonable return by working right the first time and every time.
  • We are committed to providing our customers with products and services of a quality which satisfies their needs and exceeds their expectations.
  • We are committed to foster a safe and productive working environment.

Our Quality Objectives

We intend to provide our customers with the best products and service possible, through continuous improvement. We have always believed that a happy customer is best for our business and effectiveness of the Quality Management System (measurable with customer surveys, customer complaints, supplier performance, cost of quality and opportunities for improvement).


Standardized Quality

LIFE embraces ISO 9001. ISO standardizes our quality output and guarantees a good product. This system addresses various aspects of quality. The standards provide guidance and tools for companies and organizations who want to ensure that their products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved.