Shipyard Project Manager

Directly responsible to the Shipyard Manager.

General Job Description of Shipyard - Project Manager:
The Shipyard Project Manager oversees the planning, implementation, and budget of a specific shipyard refit or build project with an expected start and completion date. The Project Manager is responsible to oversee and ensure project deliverables are completed.

Range of duties for Shipyard - Project Manager include but are not limited to:

· Abide by company safety rules and safety policies. Enforce safe working procedures and company safety polices.

· Work with client/stakeholder to prepare project scope and develop project deliverables.

· Develop and review work orders and discuss work to be performed with supervisors and the stakeholder.

· Source and coordinate materials and/or contractors for project requirements.

· Act as the primary point of contact and liaison between the client/stakeholder, LIFE and other parties involved in the project.

· Organize, attend and contribute to all project related meetings. As required ensure that meeting notes are properly recorded and distributed.

· Coordinate work between LIFE employees, the client personnel and contractors.

· Ensure work is progressing along the planned timeline and communicate progress and/or delays to management and other project stakeholders.

· Coordinate contractors, suppliers, resources, and equipment needed for the project. Communicate and work with other managers and LIFE personnel to ensure project materials and resources are made available.

· Ensure proper materials and tools are on hand to complete tasks at the worksite.

· Use problem solving techniques to ensure that problems and issues are addressed as they arise.

· Assist in preparing work orders for new work. Ensure work descriptions are understandable, thorough and meet the requirements of the client/stakeholder. Verify work is carried out to the project specification and that work orders are properly signed off and filed when completed.

· Ensure proper safety inspections are up to date and completed.

· Prepare and maintain project schedule and ensure work progresses along the planned timelines. Ensure time is properly tracked and charged to the appropriate job or account.

· Take steps and action to address inefficiencies and improve overall productivity. Eliminate and/or minimize overhead where possible.

· Ensure changes in project plan are properly documented by change order and managed appropriately.

· Work with accounts receivable to ensure completed deliverables are properly invoiced.

· Ensure regular production meeting are held and receive reports from shop leaders, foreman, and supervisors. Delegate secondary duties as required and verify that work is carried out.

· Coordinate effective communication between management, employees, suppliers and client/stakeholder.

· Ensure cleanliness of workplace.

· All other tasks as assigned by management.

Skills Required

· Self-Motivation, Leadership and People Management – Motivate, coach, develop, and retain team members for high performance.

· Communication Skills – Communicate, present, assert, speak in professional language in English (Spoken, Written, & Read). French language skills are an asset.

· Collaboration Skills – Influence, build relationships, navigate politics, manage conflicts and negotiation skills.

· Technical report writing – competent professional report development.

· Proficient Computer Skills (Web Search, Email, Word Processing, & Basic Spread Sheets). Experience using CAD is an asset.

Education & Certificates

· Minimum bachelor’s degree, preferably in engineering or business.

· Professional Engineering registration is an asset.

· Project Management Professional Certification is an asset.



· Minimum 2-5 years of project management experience.

· Experience in marine industry is an asset.


· Annual salary $55,000 – $75,000, plus qualifying company benefits, based on experience and skills.

Other Responsibilities

· Safety – Required to participate and comply with all company safety rules and safe work practices as outlined in the company’s safety policy. This includes conducting regular hazard assessments when starting new assignments and when work site conditions dictate. Perform daily safety audits.

· Personal Protective Equipment – Required to wear Personal Protective Equipment that is approved and required for particular work assignment. Check with supervisor or safety representative if unsure about required PPE. Ensure others are also adhering to the procedures.

· ISO Procedures – Required to participate and comply with all ISO 9001:2015 procedures and documentation as they relate to your position and work assignment. As well as ensure compliance of personnel working for the project.

· Customer Relations – Will often have personal contact with the company’s customers. Customers are the most important part of our business. Treat each customer courteously and with respect. It is very important that the directions and opinions of customers are passed on to your supervisor or the company’s management when appropriate.