Position: Shipyard Assistant Manager

Directly responsible to the Shipyard Manager

Purpose of Shipyard Assistant Manager:

To assist the Shipyard Manager, oversee, manage, and ensure the continuity and safety of shipyard operations and its projects as assigned by Management.

Duties for Shipyard Engineer include but are not limited to:

  • Abide by company safety rules and safety policies. Enforce safe working procedures and company safety policies. Abide by environmental regulations and enforce company environmental policy. Ensure that company and regulatory safety and environmental practices are implemented and followed.
  • Establish effective communication with customers, clients, management, personnel, and suppliers. Actively participate in customer relations and develop plan for service requirements.
  • Work with other managers, supervisors and resources to coordinate supply of proper materials, equipment and tools are on hand to complete tasks at the work site. Forecast the need for materials and/or equipment and ensure they are ordered in advance.
  • Attend and contribute to toolbox, production, management, safety meetings, etc. as necessary.
  • Prepare and present reports for the shipyard operations related to financing, timelines, projections, resources, and personnel on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.
  • Conform all duties performed to the ISO9001:2015 standard for quality control and ensure all work being assigned is conforming to the same quality standard.
  • Promote efficiency. Ensure services are efficiently provided to clients and customers. Take action to address inefficiencies and improve overall productivity.
  • Assist and support the Shipyard Manager in overseeing work performed by LIFE.
  • Assist with the preparation of estimates, bids, and orders for customers using appropriate resources. Ensure received orders are properly completed, processed and invoiced. Assist in developing and maintaining information on past, current, and potential customers and clients. Work with other managers and resources to improve sales and market share.
  • Assist in technical negotiations with equipment and material vendors in respect to classification societies approvals and certification from certifying authorities
  • Manage projects as assigned by management.
  • Assist in preparing work orders for new work. Ensure work descriptions are understandable, thorough and meet the requirements of the customer.
  • Supervise as required the maintenance, and assignment of marine railway and travel lift operations.
  • Prepare timelines. Verify work is carried out to the customer’s specification and satisfaction and that work orders are properly signed off and filed when completed.
  • Assist in developing docking plans associated with marine-railway dry-docking. Ensure work is carried out professionally and to specification.
  • Ensure proper maintenance is performed on marine railway, and travel lift, equipment and proper safety inspections are up to date. Develop and implement maintenance plans and manage life cycle of components related to vessel dockings and un-dockings.
  • Assist in engineering requirements as required for LIFE Manufacturing.
  • Propose design and process improvements related to vessel refit and fabrication, shipyard safety, and production performance when necessary.
  • Monitor supply chain. Support the review of vendor design products and vendor information.

Other Duties:

  • Work toward achieving docking master certification.
  • As required support and assume the duties of other Managers when absent or on leave.
  • Ensure cleanliness of personal workplace. Ensure subordinates perform the same.
  • Ensure hours and expenses and those of subordinates are properly tracked and charged to the appropriate job or account.
  • Attend trade shows, customer, and supplier functions as necessary.
  • Maintain professional and technical knowledge.
  • Coach personnel on professional and personal issues. Assist personnel in obtaining appropriate training and development and help them seek out aid resources as needed.
  • Write performance reviews, enforce company policies and enact and follow through with discipline procedures when required.
  • Develop and write proposals, reports, and plans as required.
  • All other tasks as assigned by management.

Skills Required

  • Experience with project management, Leadership and People Management including regular contact with the client and subcontractors.
  • Attract, motivate, coach, develop, and retain team members for high performance. Project management professional certification is an asset.
  • Communication Skills – Communicate, present, assert, and speak in professional language in English. To be able to communicate in French is an asset (Spoken, Written, & Read).
  • Collaboration Skills – Influence, build relationships, navigate politics, manage conflicts, negotiate.
  • Basic Computer Skills – Perform Web Search, Email, Word Processing, & Basic Spread Sheets.
  • Other Computer Skills – Be able to create and modify docking plans and project schedules with various computer assisted design (CAD) and scheduling programs.
  • Self-Motivation – Take initiative to ensure work is completed without supervision. Problem solve to address issues.
  • High Ethical Standards – Commitment to professional ethical standards and promotion of a diverse workplace.
  • Experience with, and/or working knowledge of a variety of disciplines related to shipbuilding and the marine sector is an asset.
  • Education and Training: Degree in Naval Architecture, Structural or Mechanical Engineering or equivalent experience. – A Master Mariner Certification is an asset – Docking Master training and certification or meets the pre-requisites to eventually achieve Docking Master Status is an asset.


  • Safety – You are required to participate and comply with all company safety rules and safe work practices as outlined in the company’s safety policy and Safety Management System (SMS). This includes conducting regular hazard assessments when starting new assignments and when work site conditions dictate. You are to ensure that daily safety checks are performed for all operations.
  • Customer Relations – You will often have personal contact with the company’s customers and clients. Customers are the most important part of our business. Treat each customer courteously and with respect. It is very important that the concerns, directions and opinions of customers are recorded and passed on to the company’s management team.
  • Personal Protective Equipment – You are required to wear Personal Protective Equipment that is approved and required for your particular work assignment. You must ensure others adhere to the appropriate PPE procedures and guidelines as per SMS and good practice.
  • ISO 9001 Policy – You are required to participate and comply with all ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) policy and procedures as they relate to your position and work assignments. As well, you are to ensure compliance of all personnel within your influence.