LIFE manufacturing

Lunenburg Foundry and Manufacturing is located at the head of Lunenburg Harbour on the site where the business started over a century and a quarter ago. While the mother company is officially registered as Lunenburg Foundry and Engineering Limited most folks from Cape Cod to Labrador simply refer to the company and her subsidiaries as The Foundry. As a model of sustainable development, Lunenburg Foundry and Manufacturing has fostered a continuum of successful businesses over more than a century. Lunenburg Foundry has transitioned through a number of businesses since the age of sail, and has exhibited an ability to adapt to changing technologies and market needs.


Services include:

  • A pattern and carpentry shop
  • A non-ferrous (bronze, brass, aluminum, zinc) foundry with a capacity of pouring 600lbs. (272kg) castings.
  • A grinding and polishing shop
  • A full service machine shop
  • A propeller finishing shop capable of repairs and restorations of all propellers


We offer:

  • Some of the most protected berthing on the South Shore.
  • Full dockside services including shore power, ethernet and wifi, security and more.
  • Long and short term boat storage
  • Souvenir shop